Mobile sales: Sale - never before has it been so easy!

We all know that trade is one of the most powerful factors of the historical process. There's no such period in history, when it is not provided to a greater or lesser extent, the impact on public life. And at the disposal of the business more and more tools to improve the quality of service and optimize the employee productivity.
Mobile sales: <span>Sale</span> - never before has it been <span>so easy!</span>

Increase your Business Productivity to Max possible level

Let's linger on that for a moment, because this is the main thesis of the present day. And all of us intuitively understand this. The question that we ask you to ponder. What are you going to do in the near future. Not in the next five years, not next year, not "we are now raking current orders and after will think." We believe that the matter is in three things that affect it.
Increase your <span>Business Productivity</span> to <span>Max</span> possible level

Understand what prevents to your business to grow and to evolve

First. In our work processes there are always different things that do not work. Sometimes they just do not work for thyself, but do not allow work to other functions or close some or other opportunities. Here's the on-screen examples of studies Troy Miller and Eric Gist from Accenture. You can get rid of them, if only to understand them, find them, or if you want, to admit we are really have it.
Understand what prevents to your <span>business</span> to grow and <span>to evolve</span>

Concentrate the whole team, and each employee on the result

The second. The evolution of productivity and the process always must be for the big prize. For what you are implementing CRM-system? To create a single client base. But for what you want to create a single customer base? To integrate customer information. But for what you want to integrate customer information? To ...... increase profits. All metrics, indicators, charts should reflect the achievement of the goal, not the status of the process. Well, it is necessary to reward those team members who focus on the end of result, not for the process.
Concentrate <span>the whole team</span>, and each employee <span>on the result</span>

Provide and use the powerful and comfortable tools

The third - a technology which in itself does not create productivity, but help make good processes faster. And if you use technology at a bad process, you get an unnecessary bad fast process. IT solutions that you choose should match the style and expectations of your employees. These tools should be a natural extension of what happens every day and enjoy your staff. Decisions need help and, more importantly, push collaborative work - but only one that brings synergy.
Provide and <span>use</span> the <span>powerful</span> and comfortable <span>tools</span>

National mobile operator in Kazakhstan improves client service standards

ALTEL, the Republic of Kazakhstan’s largest mobile phone operator, has used a mobile sales module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV for about a year. As a result of this, client service time in the company’s service centers has been reduced more than twice. The module also made it possible to sell devices and sign mobile contracts anywhere mobile access to the internet is available. The company’s managers and its clients are very satisfied with the module.
<span>National mobile operator in Kazakhstan</span> improves client service standards

Solutions (11)

Electronic invoices

31 March 2016
Published in Solutions

In 2014 Our company has created the libraries providing exchange of information with a portal of E-invoices (electronic inv.)

Mobile Sales

21 August 2014
Published in Solutions

In the modern world successful is one who comes up with the times. And at the disposal of the business there are more and more tools to improve the quality of service and optimize employee productivity. Our application "Mobile sales" on the Android platform - is exactly the case

Our Industry Solutions

27 June 2013
Published in Solutions


SynConsult experts offer you a solution for telecommunication companies based on the platform of Microsoft Dynamics NAV system which enables long-standing management of information and automation of all business processes of the company.

Telecommunication companies gain a footing in the new business environment. The development of industry, creation of new services and favorable conditions for clients, upholding competitive advantages make companies opt for optimal performance.

Oil & Gas

In the light of booming business and the access of Kazakh oil and gas producing companies to the world market, there is an urgent need for refined, gradual and transparent management of all processes, integrated plan for exploration and production, cost control and enforcement of regulations. This makes a company to search package solutions to optimize chains of content use.

SynConsult Master specialists maintain automation of business processes given the specifics of O&G companies.

SynConsult solution for leasing companies was developed for the automation of business process of a company, including customer service, management of lease agreements, interaction with banks and insurance companies.

Our solution is intended for the automation of business process of a company, including customer service, interaction with banks and insurance companies, management of lease agreements.

The system implementation helps prune away costs of maintenance of leasing transactions, raise operating efficiency with counteragents. The built-in management tool of the payment schedule provides for the automation of intricate financial calculations, adjustment of various payment schedules, supervision over deadlines and cash inflows from clients as well as insurance periods.

Food Industry
The solution for food producing companies based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV on module platform (Finance, Vendors and Purchase, Clients and Sales, Fixed Assets, Warehouse Management, Production, HR and Payroll, Tax Accounting and Reporting) and complies with Kazakhstan legislation requirements.

Document Management

27 June 2013
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Продукты и технологии SharePoint предоставляют ряд средств корпоративного класса, которые позволяют решать такие важные для бизнеса задачи, как управление содержимым и бизнес-процессами, упрощение поиска сведений и обмена ими между пользователями из различных отделов, компаний и стран, а также принятие обоснованных решений.

Corporate Portal

27 June 2013
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An enterprise portal, also known as an enterprise information portal (EIP) or corporate portal, is a framework for integrating information, people and processes across organizational boundaries. It provides a secure unified access point,[1] often in the form of a web-based user interface, and is designed to aggregate and personalize information through application-specific portlets. One hallmark of enterprise portals is the de-centralized content contribution and content management, which keeps the information always updated.

Sales & Logistic Management

27 June 2013
Published in Solutions

Company challenges:
• Permanent process simplification
• Development and diversification
• Prompt adaptation to new versions of cooperation
• Well timed making of true solutions

We offer:
• Calculation and control enable to provide monitoring of all supply chain links and presenting of detailed picture.
• The System of automated data collection makes possible to speed up data processing.
• Tracing and inventory
• Optimization of warehouse area
• Integration with other application domains and peripheral equipments

What you receive:
• Holistic approach to supply chain management: integration of financial, distributive and productive contours, pricing functionality and electronic commerce.
• Optimization and advancement of warehouse logistic due to integration with other technological equipments;
• Supporting of discrete industry: volume scheduled planning and production forecasting, flexible determination of production policy, simulation of effective business - processes and various parameters of production process;
• Profit increasing on account of cost saving and efficient business cooperation with partners including via Internet.

Human Capital Management

27 June 2013
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Компанией SynConsult Master локализован модуль управления кадрами и расчета заработной платы.

Данное решение обеспечивает:

  • Формирование и ведение штатного расписания
  • Контроль наличия свободных вакансий

Our Solutions

26 June 2013
Published in Solutions

Компания SynConsult Master предлагает ряд горизонтальных и отраслевых решений на базе продуктов Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft ProjectServer.

Горизонтальные решения на базе Microsoft Dynamics NAV предназначены для автоматизации специфических задач управления компаниями.

Использование готовых решений значительно сокращает время внедрения проекта за счет уменьшения времени анализа, а также позволяет получить уже настроенный целостный продукт для решения конкретных бизнес задачи. Для разработки готовых решений компания SynConsult Master использовала свой опыт решения бизнес-задач в ведущих компаниях соответствующих индустрий.

Многолетний опыт внедрения продуктов Microsoft Dynamics ERP в Казахстане компания SynConsult закрепила выпуском локализованных версий продуктов, зарегистрированных в качестве собственных Add-on решений.

Компания SynConsult Master постоянно поддерживает и расширяет свои решения. Данные обновления клиенты получают бесплатно при условии подписки на обновления. Это позволяет компаниям клиентам использовать всегда актуальную функциональность и передовые технологии, представленные на рынке.

Supply Chain Management

26 June 2013
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SCM (Supply Chain Management – управление цепочками поставок) охватывает всю цепочку поставок, начиная от закупки сырья и материалов у конечных поставщиков и заканчивая доставкой готовой продукции конечному потребителю.

Knowledge Base

26 June 2013
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The Knowledge Base application template helps teams manage the information that is resident within their organization. The template enables team members to upload existing documents or create new ones using Web-based content creation tools.