Sure Step Methodology

SynConsult Master Company has tried and tested methodology for providing effective technological solutions to our customers. Our top- priority is to meet the customers’ requirements, and this not only allows us to guarantee the finest quality end product, but also helps to effectively transfer the knowledge to our customers’ employees.

Our methodology is based on recommended, the vendor of the software - the Microsoft company’s methodology of Microsoft Dynamics introduction – SureStep. Our developers apply Microsoft Solution Framework methodology to maintaining projects of the development connected with localization of a product for Kazakhstan and for our own industry solutions.    

Preparation & Analysis

At the preparation stage we are doing the administrative work on project preparation, and compilation and coordination document of functional requirements of the customer. Usually the main results of this stage are the following documents Project Charter, Plan schedule of works. After studying and signing of these documents by the customer further work on the project is based on it.

At the analysis stage we carried out complex diagnostics of business processes at the customer’s enterprise and analyzed customer requirements. The major result (product) of this stage is usually the following documents:  “Technical Requirements” document (TR). Key steps at the Analysis stage:

  • Project preparation and planning
  • Software installation on the equipment of the customer
  • Preparation and approval of the document of functional requirements based on data of carried-out diagnostics


At the design stage the solution design will be developed and presented for approval to the customer. The submitted design is prepared in the form of Conceptual Design and is accompanied by the presentation of program.  Implementation proposal including budget for further work and project schedule is submitted for the customer. These documents should be agreed and approved by the customer before the beginning of the next project stage; Development and Testing. The main steps at Design stage are:

  • Conducting co-operative meetings with the project team
  • Prototype of users interface, forms and reports
  • Planning of data transfer and integration with external systems
  • Preparation of system testing plan
  • Preparation and presentation of Conceptual Design to the project team
  • Preparation and presentation of implementation proposal to customer management.
  • Signing of Conceptual Design and implementation proposal
  • Preparation of detailed plan of further works.

Development & Testing

At the Development and Testing stage the development and testing of system modification is done. If the total time of development is more than 3 weeks this work will be divided in separate blocks (“Assembly”) and each of them will need 2-3 weeks for development. Each assembly will be provided to the customer for testing. At the development and testing stage the work stations will be installed at the territory of the customer. The main steps at the development and testing stages are:

  • Development of the Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV system– modification for tables, forms, developing processes and interfaces.
  • System setup installed on the customers system (system operation factors setup and developments of rules)
  • Development of tools for data transfer into the new system
  • Development of interface with external systems
  • Users training
  • Testing of individual modules (components) and complex testing.


At the Deployment stage the system will be completely implemented in the customer’s enterprise and will all possible trainings will be conducted. The major items of this stage are following:

  • Complete user documentation development
  • Complete system setup
  • Input or transfer of opening balances
  • Input or transfer of transactions history
  • Users training
  • Delivery and acceptance
  • Process to commercial operation

Maintenance upon commercial operation

After end of the project of introduction of system, SynConsult Master LLP will be able and to guarantee further effective work of system for the solution of your tasks, functionality of system is clear to users; users are fully trained in work with system.  In some cases we will send professionals to your side.

Our experience shows that in process of system studying by the customer, there can be a number of new ideas on it’s use. During support we will evaluate the possibilities of efficiency and extension of the use of the system in order to achieve the best solution for your Company.