Metasonic, the next-generation business software, gives you the ideal set of tools for dynamic business activities. Their intuitive operation means that all users can design their workflows themselves and constantly adapt them. This results in tremendous commitment and frees up IT resources. With flexible modules, you can quickly create standardized, personalized solutions and even make repeated changes to them while they are running. From the first live day, the solutions deliver the key performance indicators you need to help you grow your business on a controlled and continuous basis. The benefit for you: your employees are more dedicated, your organization is released from many restrictions and you can develop your business's potential faster and more effectively. Prestigious companies such as Audi, NEC, Hitachi and Swisscom have already realized this and are successfully using Metasonic. Our customers are provided with support through our strong international network of partners.

Metasonic® Suite comprises the tools Metasonic® Base (administration), Metasonic® Build (modeling), Metasonic® Proof (validation) and Metasonic® Flow (execution).