Food Industry

The solution for food producing companies based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV on module platform (Finance, Vendors and Purchase, Clients and Sales, Fixed Assets, Warehouse Management, Production, HR and Payroll, Tax Accounting and Reporting) and complies with Kazakhstan legislation requirements.

On-line accounting system for production control in food producing companies
The solution developed as the set of functional elements with internal logic, the combination of which into the system allows you to build an accurate model of the production process and to establish two-way interface between the «points of accounting» at different industrial sites and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration with the weighing equipment provides simple and convenient terminal interface that provides an opportunity to carry out a preliminary check of the input data according to established rules, and thus to exclude errors in data entering.
A brief description of solutions for the food industry:
• Data entry of raw materials/semi products with terminals installed at the workplace;
• Barcoding of raw materials in case of acceptance on a warehouse;
• Bar-coding of output products in production facility;
• Automatic accounting in warehouses;
• Automatic accounting of income, transfer and write off of used materials from warehouses;
• Identification of supplied materials using a barcode scanner;
• An opportunity to change approved recipe using the «NON STOP», when you want to replace type of raw material/material used in the calculation (the specification) the to another;
• Automatic calculation of cost of raw materials at production facilities;
• Automatic recording of production operations into general ledger by accounts of the production.
Advantages of Solutions:
• Accuracy of data in a fully functioning on-line system of Microsoft Dynamics NAV equal to the error of weighing equipment in the production chain;
• Monitoring and planning of all production processes and the cost calculation at each step gives objective data about production cost calculation;
• The exclusion of raw material deficiencies and surpluses of finished products through efficient processing of work processes with the ability to use warehouse and purchase management, customer and sales management;
• Objectivity and transparency of information allows to track the problem and develop measures to solve them