SynConsult Master solution for leasing companies was developed for the automation of business process of a company, including customer service, management of lease agreements, interaction with banks and insurance companies.
Our solution is intended for the automation of business process of a company, including customer service, interaction with banks and insurance companies, management of lease agreements.


In the world practice leasing is among key factors of changing technological structure and reorganization of companies since leasing transactions enable to realize large-scale investments in any production.

Tasks for a leasing company:

* Maintaining of leasing projects from the date of an application until the transaction is closed.
* Scheduling of lease payments (lease calculator) and analysis of transaction profitability.
* Recording of lease, loan agreements, purchase contracts, insurance contracts, schedule of repayments under credit contracts, asset accounting, features.
* Record keeping of all major operations related to leasing activities (recording of receipt/ transfer/ pledge of fixed assets, loans, credits, etc.)
* Computer-aided execution of standard operations (compiling a package of documents given the approved payment schedules, charging fines, charging interests under loan and credit agreements, depreciation, etc.).
* • Receipt of the exhaustive management reporting on leasing activities (analysis of a leasing portfolio, analysis of a credit portfolio, cash flow budgeting, plan-fact analysis of settlement on leasing payments and so forth).
* Forming of all necessary accounting statements.

The proposed solution takes into consideration specific activities of leasing companies and provides the following:

* Obtaining operational data about implementation of the lease scheme.
* Obtaining information about employment of fixed assets with a view to define the financial result of the transaction and prompt decision making as regards the use of fixed assets (liquidation, sale, debiting, etc.).
* Opportunity to assessment of financial result of the leasing company in terms of various analytical sections (groups of equipment, projects, etc.).
* Deep level of analytical treatment of data.
* Quality improvement and significant reduction of deadlines of operative records and accounting statements related to the maintenance of lease schemes.

Solution based on ERP-system which has a number of key advantages:

* The system has an all-encompassing functionality ranging from the Maintaining Relations with Customer (CRM), production management, management of supply chains and trading, financial management, strategic planning, project management, to the human resources management and payment of salary.
* The system is completely localized and certified in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan (holds certificates and approvals issued by the Finance Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.)
* The system enables to conducting intercompany business (supports all major interfacing protocols, including the Internet). System has ample technological capabilities.
* The system is capable to prompt deployment and scaling.