Oil & Gas

Due to the business development and with access of Kazakhstan oil and gas producing companies to the world market, there is an urgent need for refined, gradual and transparent management of all processes, integrated plan for exploration and production, cost control and enforcement of regulations. These reasons compel a company to search package solutions to optimize chains of content use.

SynConsult specialists provide automation of business processes given the specifics of O&G companies.
Industry solutions of SynConsult for the oil and gas sector handles the following tasks:
• Delivery, distribution and trading
o Planning and optimization of delivery chain of products.
o Arranging and scheduling of operations in delivery chain of products.
o Reporting and analysis of delivery chain of products.
o Trading of petrochemicals and gases. o Refining and production.
• Refining and production
o Refining operations
o Production of lubricants
• Marketing and sales
o Marketing planning and fulfillment.
o Sales planning and invoice management.
o Sales and payments.
o Customer service.
o Terminal management.
o Transportation of petrochemicals.
o Management of filling station's fuel reserve.
o Allied products trade
• Management of production facilities
o Investment planning.
o Document management system.
o Project scope planning and sizing.
o Project implementation.
o Processing of demands.
o Manage supply source.
o Asset accounting.
o Assignment / Scheduling.
o Waste management.
o Analysis and monitoring of suppliers.
o Analytics.
o Financial management.
o Human resources management.
o General corporate services.
o Operations support.