In the new economic conditions, the role of telecommunication companies are increasing. The development of industry, creation of new services and favorable conditions for clients, maintaining competitiveness, leads companies to the decision of the organization optimally.

SynConsult Master's experts offer to you a solution for telecommunication companies based on the platform of Microsoft Dynamics NAV system which enables long-standing management of information and automation all business processes of the company.

• Common information space.
• Consolidation of data in companies with a distributed structure.
• Boosting operational efficiency and upgrading quality of development of managerial solutions.
• Computer-aided testing of key operating rates.
• Confidentiality of information, data access isolation and registration.
• Integration with billing system CBOSS and banking systems Bank – Client, Client – Bank.
Owing to our solution you obtain the following:
• Integration of systems:
o Detailed analytics related to billing information.
o System synchronization and provision of continuous numbering of invoices.
o Computer-aided delivery of payments within Microsoft Dynamics NAV and between systems.
o Supervision and compliance of data in the financial and other systems.
• Prime cost computation:
o Prime cost of any service.
o Distribution of general costs among profit centers.
• Fixed assets:
o Integrated accounting of fixed assets in line with standards of the business and tax accounting of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
o Fulfillment of supplementary recurrent tasks by accounting of fixed assets.
o Accounting of negative value of fixed assets.
• HR and Payroll:
o Automation and integration of all business processes within the human resources department.
o Accounting of salary by inverse method with an automatic compensation of base wage payments.
o Maximum flexibility for adjusting computing methods.