Microsoft Dynamics® NAV Express

NAV Express is an integrated business management solution designed on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Express was designed specially for small businesses and was built on the system Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, related to the class of ERP systems that best reflected in the capabilities of the system.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Express includes the predefined and integrated modules Financial management, Tax accounting, Budgets, Fixed assets, Sales, Marketing, Purchase, Inventory and reports.

Through the integration of the modules in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Express, the companies achieve a full automation of their business processes and general real-time overview of the company, which helps fast and reasonable decision making. The time and costs brought by using different applications are reduced as well as the need of entering the same data several times at the different locations. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Express meets the Kazakhstan accounting requirements and characteristics. The product faciliates business users in various activities related to changes in standards, adopted by the Kazakhstan legislations.
The interface of the system is very intuitive, similar to Microsoft Outlook, which facilitates the work of the employees.

 There are two interfaces - classic and role-oriented. Advantages important is to ensure that multilingual text data storage that allows you to immediately receive reports on the two and more languages. Currently available languages are English and Russian for the formation of the finished report.