Metasonic® Suite

Implementation of solutions for business - a complex process , which depends strongly on the scale of production and business processes . A key aspect of automation is the timing of this project , as well as the flexibility of the implemented solution. Agree that the project is being implemented over the years, and then the same for years adapting to the changed situation - not a system that wants to see the owner of the enterprise.

Sadly, for many medium-sized and large corporations all this was an objective reality. Eternal "protracted" whole non-automated sites, constant delays due to the need to make changes to the original model - it is just a small list of what has to face as ordinary employees, and system integrators.

There is no escape? Projects automate business processes are doomed to many years of implementation? That was until recently, when Dr. Albert Fleischmann has not developed a fundamentally new methodology for S-BPM.

Metasonic Suite and S-BPM: a new word in automation

Automation of business processes in the classic sense involves thorough research and construction of very complex circuits with a mass of interacting entities. Implementation Specialist interviews participants of the business process, and then brings together information from experts, regulatory documents and other sources of information in the most complete circuit interactions. With this objective approach can be described as anything but its main drawback - the complexity of the modification of an established system and the introduction of a long time. Business Process Management using S-BPM is fundamentally different from standard methods of automation.

S-BPM methodology displays any technological or business process as a scheme of interaction between the actors, which are normal employees of the enterprise. All their behavior fits into the two schemes - communications and behavior of the object. The methodology is so simple that to describe any process is less than five concepts (symbols).

The fact that the last first build an abstract picture of the situation based on any basic concepts, and only then fill the created scheme specifics.

S-BPM methodology is based on the development of a particular scheme from the outset. All issues related to possible modification work, solved very simply - in the charts are added or removed unnecessary communication or entities.

Metasonic Suite is a software implementation of this approach to automation. Software package allows you to quickly and effectively move formalized descriptions of business processes in the S-BPM notation, and then based diagramming get a working application.

Metasonic Suite: about the benefits

Metasonic Suite selected large enterprises and companies of the world. In particular, NEC, Hitachi, Audi, Swisscom AG and several other large companies were able to evaluate the advantages of using this software.

First, automation using this software package - of immediate discharge, as a survey and design combined with practical business process automation.

Secondly, introduction of a flexible circuit. Even if something suddenly will change during the project - it does not entail the need for months of adjustments in the program code. Quick analysis, changes in the chart - and the modified business process is available again to execute!

Third, there are solutions for the exchange of relevant information with the different IT solutions. For example, Metasonic Suite able to communicate with SAP ERP or Microsoft Project Server. And deep integration with Talens ESB gives easy way for integrate with more than 450 different information systems.

Fourth, using the methodology of S-BPM can describe any volatile or highly complex business process. This is important for both large enterprises and for small businesses.

Opting Metasonic Suite - is the choice of a quick and reliable way of implementing a fully comprehensible implementation model and the foreseeable future!