Evaluation of key performance indicators (KPI) is one of the main tasks in any company. But to solve it you need to collect all the necessary data, simultaneously introducing a number of additional tools.

Budgeting, forecasting and early planning - that's just a small list of business processes faced by the owner or top manager. If the entity is organized as a holding company or group of companies, the task of consolidation of financial statements - another headache for the manager.

IT solutions applied within the holding, may be very different from each other, so the front is the problem of collecting and organizing heterogeneous data.

Corporate Perfomance Management (CPM) - a management approach by which solves the above problems and implement effective management of the company. Products and software systems that implement this set of processes that must solve these problems and have good tools for effective integration with any other enterprise systems (eg , ERP or CRM).

Prophix for performance management

Prophix - a product that implements the CPM-methodology. Our company recommends this software package. Why? Because he is able to solve all the problems and challenges associated with assessing performance of the company.

Prophix CPM-system pluses:

1. Cost

The price of this software package is quite low, because it specializes only on solving the problems of CPM-sector.

2. Rapid Implementation

Prophix can be implemented very quickly, even in a large enterprise, without programming.

3. Efficiency

This complex copes with the consolidation of data from completely different systems. There are typical solutions for a bunch with Microsoft Excel, large ERP- systems (SAP R3, Microsoft Dynamics NAV), accounting systems (1C , Galaxy) and with specific databases.

Prophix easily fits into any enterprise accounting system aggregates the necessary data and use them to solve the problem by setting CPM goals, data collection and calculation of the indicators.

Performance Management

The main advantage of the system can be regarded as a complete and comprehensive solution to the main problems of corporate performance management.

Prophix copes with issues of budgeting, financial planning and forecasting, consolidation, reporting and monitoring KPI.

Statements and reports generated using Prophix, meets all modern requirements of experienced user. Furthermore, the system is provide easy visualization of relevant data using dashboards.