Business process management

The problem of optimizing business processes can occur even on a small enterprise. In fact, the business process - is some chain of actions that lead to a certain result. Since the company's operating units involved whole , not related to each other , there is a risk of untimely and uncoordinated actions. It's not just lengthens certain operations , but also significantly affect the efficiency of the whole company.

The fact is that if we consider the activities of the company , the individual business processes are interrelated and independent of each other . For example, the logistics department will not be able to supply goods, which have not yet been produced.

It is clear that manage business processes without thorough analysis is impossible - you first need to understand who is involved in a separate chain of operations and that it is done.

In fact, managers need a convenient tool or product , from which you can not only change the old chain of actions , but also to simulate new .

Business Process Management organization - a new approach

Our company offers an innovative approach to solving the problem for business process management. Until recently, the general methodology of management in the industry assumed the object approach. It any business process is described using a very complex logic , which often was not clear to the owner and the company's top management.

Our approach is based on the subject model of governance, which is any string action can be represented as the interaction of individual employees.

Our solutions significantly reduce the execution time of tasks that are relevant to many businesses:

1. Automate compliance processes - loss on typical process of negotiation may be several days or even weeks. Automating this unit allows you to make timely management decisions without missed deadlines;

2. Through automation processes - this solution will need if the company or division in the holding company use different methods of management and accounting and want to enhance their cooperation in the implementation of joint projects and tasks;

3. Automation Project Management - provides a handy set of tools for designing and concomitant control of the tasks;

4. Automate routine auxiliary processes - help to get a clear picture of repetitive actions , identify problem areas and optimize operations in the chain , as well as reduce risks and losses associated with the implementation of such processes;

5. Automation of continuous improvement - makes it possible to arrange a convenient collection, integration and verification of the effectiveness of any proposals to improve the performance of the company;

6. Automation research and development of new products and services - provides managers and marketers a convenient tool for creating new concepts of service -specific interaction of different departments in the process.

Solution " business process management " can be implemented in the following products:

 metasonicMetasonic Suite - integrated cross-platform integrated system description, design and automation of any protsessse-bines. It combines the capabilities of analysis and description of business processes and automation capabilities described the execution of business processes in practice. The system uses patented technology S-BMP to simplify the description and bring to business process management of their respective owners. MDCRMРешение по управлению продажами на базе Micrisift Dynamics CRM">Easy to use, is the latest BPM-solution helps you improve the performance of your company and promptly adjust business processes to changing market requirements.

 MDCRMSales management solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to automate the processes of marketing, sales and service, with the ability to control the execution time delivery. Ideal for small and medium size. Solution is also available for rent.
MDNAVMicrosoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) - integrated complex enterprise management system. It combines the capabilities of financial management, analysis of business, production management, distribution, e-commerce and customer relationship management. Easy to use, this ERP-solution helps to increase the efficiency of your company's level of service and satisfaction of your customers.
MSSPMicrosoft SharePoint enables organizations to quickly deploy powerful collaboration platform that can be used as a basis for electronic document management systems, enterprise portal, knowledge base, vnetrenny social network. The same platform in conjunction with other Microsoft products allows you to manage projects, build forecasts, exercise planning and budgeting, as well as to produce real-time monitoring of current performance and plan-fact analysis across all business operations.
MSPSSolution based on Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Professional is a versatile tool for managing mastabiruemym projects of any complexity in any industry. Can be used as a simple embodiment, to manage small projects as well as in the complex for distributed complex projects within Briefcase company projects ensuring integration with corporate portal and ERP system.