Corporate Performance Management

Performance assessment is relevant to each enterprise. The owner or the top management of the company must obtain analytical methods of collecting information upon which to make management decisions. Because the task of assessing the effectiveness is not as simple as it might seem at first glance, many managers are faced with long-term to deal with it.

Why often the terms of implementation of software systems to evaluate the effectiveness of such a tight?

1. Necessary to solve a large number of tasks

In fact, performance evaluation - it is a complex task, which includes budgeting, forecasting and consolidation of data from different sources, as well as the formation of statements in accordance with applicable standards. In theory, everything looks simple enough, but in practice we have to face many pitfalls that can overcome only by specialists.

2. Consolidation of different data

And it's not only the features of accounting in different departments or even different companies holding. The problem is, what IT solutions are used for data collection. Often accounting systems and software systems that are assessed on the ground, can be generally unrelated, but all data recorded in these systems can be vital for a correct evaluation of effectiveness.

Improved management - professional approach

If the solution of management efficiency engaged laymen more often it leads to tragic consequences. Most of the necessary subtasks remains a manual, and analysts need to be inaccurate and untimely.

Our company operates in a completely different way. Depth understanding of principles of construction CPM-systems , and the use of specific software packages - that's the key to successful solutions!

How can we achieve better management?

1. Choosing the Right Products

We propose to implement only those systems that implement good CPM approaches. Our solutions are based on products Prophix, Metasonic, as well as various systems from Microsoft. Depending on the combination of a company's corporate and accounting systems, as well as depending on the scale of implementation, we will select the optimum maturity implementation option.

2. Proper implementation of solutions

We fully understand how to carry out the implementation of CPM-system. The success of the introduction of performance management solutions depends on the technical talent artist and his deep understanding of the subject area. Without first it was impossible to get a stable working software system without a second - a properly working software system.

Thus one of the main criteria for us is introducing full automation of the process of necessary data collecting. Installed software solution will work independently, aggregating the required data from existing enterprise systems.

Decision "Corporate Performance Management " can be implemented in the following products:

Prophix cube black PROPHIX solution is a versatile tool for performance management. PROPHIX automates the task of management accounting, including budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, analysis, reporting and distribution. Platform flexibility allows to apply PROPHIX in companies of any size. The system is easy to use and is aimed at business users.
 MSSPMicrosoft SharePoint PerformancePoint Serveces (PPS)  enables organizations to build forecasts , exercise planning and budgeting, as well as to produce real-time monitoring of current performance and plan-fact analysis across all business operations
MDNAV Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) - integrated complex enterprise management system. It combines the capabilities of financial management, analysis of business, production management, distribution, e-commerce and customer relationship management. Easy to use, this ERP-solution helps to increase the efficiency of your company's level of service and satisfaction of your customers.