Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base application template helps teams manage the information that is resident within their organization. The template enables team members to upload existing documents or create new ones using Web-based content creation tools.


Items are tagged with relevant identifying information so that others can more easily find the documents and learn from the collective knowledge in their organization. The template can be utilized in a 'top down' approach, where a centralized knowledge department 'pushes down' relevant content to the rest of the business or a 'bottom up' approach, where knowledge is captured and shared by all users as a normal part of doing business.

Soluion "Knowledge Base" is implemented on the following business solutions:

MSSPMicrosoft SharePoint enables organizations to quickly deploy powerful collaboration platform that can be used as a basis for electronic document management systems, enterprise portal, knowledge base, vnetrenny social network. The same platform in conjunction with other Microsoft products allows you to manage projects, build forecasts, exercise planning and budgeting, as well as to produce real-time monitoring of current performance and plan-fact analysis across all business operations.