Microsoft Dynamics NAV Localization

SynConsult localization Add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to deploy Microsoft Dynamics ™ NAV in enterprises, the leading accounting in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Kazakhstan. This localization is including the regulated and analytic forms of reporting and functions that increase the speed of the system.

Module Bank and Cash:
Ability to split the amount of the payment order on several contracts, integration with module HR and payroll by list of staff, integration with the bank-client system, returnable payment orders, printed forms of payment orders, spending and Receipt fulfills the forms approved by order of the Ministry of Finance from 21.06 .07, log Receipt and spending cash orders (KO-3), cash book (KO-4).

Vendors, Customers:
Accounting for warrants; forms of primary documents in accordance with forms approved by the Ministry of Finance, Advanced interactive forms of turnover balance sheets (in the context of correspondence, in the context of contracts);

Availability of goods by responsible persons; inventory and comparative statements and different lists of items.

Fixed Assets:
FA Tax accounting. Distribution operating costs (similar to a trademark costs). Keeping the FA on the PRP (PRP: Personally responsible person, an employee who is listed in the FA, but that is not financially responsible.) Possibility of depreciation write-off when.  Written off revaluation in process of operation and when disposal of FA. FA Sales transactions in accordance with the requirements of Accounting Standards Kazakhstan. In an FA card added fields required to collect information about Declaration on the land tax, vehicle and equipment, inventory and comparative statements and reports.

Tax reporting:
Ready for use standard tax reporting forms (100, 300, 307, 201, 600, 701, Monitoring of big taxpayers tax declarations) Ability to carry out adjustments of tax reporting forms by users; possibility of storing generated tax forms, Combination of declarations for multi-branch companies; Drill through to operation (Drilldown). Export to TaxMan for further integration with tax authorities software. Direct XML export  to tax authorities software (SONO, IS MOP) of any prepared tax declarations.
Synconsult KZ HR&Payroll Add-on

Module Personnel and Payroll:
Creating and maintaining staff lists, monitoring the availability of vacancies, accounting instructions for staff: orders to appointment, transfer, dismissal, etc.; the whole cycle of calculation, recording and reporting of wages in accordance with Kazakh law; Calculation wages per employee or groups by different algorithms; Custom calculation algorithms, allowing to issue any kind of charges and deductions, Accounting indirect income, full integration with the Finance module; the possibility of reversals of recorded operations both on group of employees, and on the certain employee.

MDNAVMicrosoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) - integrated complex enterprise management system. It combines the capabilities of financial management, analysis of business, production management, distribution, e-commerce and customer relationship management. Easy to use, this ERP-solution helps to increase the efficiency of your company's level of service and satisfaction of your customers.