Project Management

Project management system - this Network Scheduling production work - planning serial / parallel execution phases of the project, timing control, link resources to the stages, binding to the stages of receipts and payments, management of subcontractors, with an estimated system integration, consolidation of information from the construction site.

Project management solution exists for the following products:

MSPSSolution based on Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Professional is a versatile tool for managing mastabiruemym projects of any complexity in any industry. Can be used as a simple embodiment, to manage small projects as well as in the complex for distributed complex projects within Briefcase company projects ensuring integration with corporate portal and ERP system.
MDCRMProject Management solution based on Micrisoft Dynamics CRM allows to automate not only the classical project management, but also to provide companies with the tools board sales and service provision of design services. Ideal for small and medium size. Solution is also available for rent.
MDNAV Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) - integrated complex enterprise management system. It combines the capabilities of financial management, analysis of business, production management, distribution, e-commerce and customer relationship management. Easy to use, this ERP-solution helps to increase the efficiency of your company's level of service and satisfaction of your customers.