Sales Management

Successful sales are the backbone of any business, so they paid particularly close attention. All interactions with customers and further prediction can be represented as a cyclical business process. It is important that at each stage of the cycle going full information and conducted a thorough analysis of the data -  only it guarantees a stable earnings growth.

Sales management system - the basis of financial stability

Sales process requires a connection manager with contractors to coordinate the details of possible contracts. One of the first stages of sales may require collection of original data: entered preliminary information on contracts and clarifies some of the details.

Automated sales management system allows you to not just keep the chore of maintenance contracts, but also can be used as a powerful tool for the manager's job. For example, many situations where an expert simply can not say whether the company reserves the right product, or whether it can produce the goods on time. Integration solutions for sales management, carried out by our company is able to solve all these problems.

The next stage of the business process involves direct work on transactions and their optimization. During this period, you can get an idea of ​​what products were most in demand. In addition, the phase of transactions is important from the point of view of the analysis of how to change the original agreement. This point is fundamental, because marketers and sales managers need to understand the psychology of customers and their preferences.

Automated solution from our company makes the best way to manage the sale of goods with technical and analytical side. The last stage of the sales management business process involves building the most accurate forecast for the next cycle. It is important to understand what the shortcomings were made during the previous period and adjust them.

At this stage, one of the most important tasks is the analysis of how to scale future sales - in particular, what the markets were not covered, how to optimize the work of the current contractors and how to maximize profits. Non-automated solutions can provide treatment only limited information, so work in conditions of constant growth of the company with them is impossible.

Automated solution for sales management, introduced by our company is able to provide fast and timely analysis of large amounts of heterogeneous information.

In addition, we have introduced tools unifies the processing of information from different departments, so managers can work with the most complete and accurate set of data without additional overhead.

Sales management solution exists on the following products:

 MDCRMSales management solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to automate the processes of marketing, sales and service, with the ability to control the execution time delivery. Ideal for small and medium size. Solution is also available for rent.
MDNAVMicrosoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) - integrated complex enterprise management system. It combines the capabilities of financial management, analysis of business, production management, distribution, e-commerce and customer relationship management. Easy to use, this ERP-solution helps to increase the efficiency of your company's level of service and satisfaction of your customers.