Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) - one of the major blocks to be mandatory automation company. In fact, the supply chain encompasses a variety of concepts - that sourcing and logistics, and communications with warehousing.

A key feature of of the supply process is that the owner can not practically influence the procurement process or the delivery of third-party contractors. Therefore, this sector is not only important to fully control the demand for products supplied for its part, but also to engage in effective planning and to have a tool for the selection of alternative supplies in case of force majeure.

Use of non-automated solutions sooner or later leads to several problems. In fact, the supply chain can be regarded as a different product flows between industrial warehouses and retail outlets. If your business is not using automatic solution, it is impossible to quickly get information about the workload of warehouses, the needs of individual production sites in raw materials, as well as internal and external movements of products.

If time does not restock the warehouses, it will lead to the suspension of the entire production line, since some parts of the company are usually dependent on each other. In the case, if the supply of raw materials carried in excessive amount may be waived storage conditions - for example, the excess will be stored out of storage space. All this leads to direct losses, and there is only one reason - the inability to promptly obtain and introducing new information into the corporate system.

Supply chain management system - the right management solution!

Our company specializes in the implementation of automated solutions for supply chain management, which are intended to overcome the above problems. Integrated solution based on Microsoft Dyynamics NAV allows not only effectively solve the problem of control of deliveries and purchases, but also the need to quickly predict future supplies.

Implementation accompanying tools allow managers and owners to see not just the individual reports or fragmented supply situation and a complete picture of all the contractors and logistics - both internal and external.

Control - is not the only strong point of the automated solutions implemented by our company. One of the key indicators, which always tend to reduce the owners - logistics costs and the purchase of raw materials. Implementation of an automated solution allows not only control, but also to analyze all the ways and channels of delivery from external counterparties and within the enterprise.

Tools provided by our solution can optimize the cost of purchasing the necessary raw materials, and to identify problem areas that the chain can affect the stability of the entire enterprise.

Methods of forecasting supply and purchase can be used not only to managers responsible for production, but those who are directly involved in sales. In this case, an automated solution allows to refine production costs and adjust production plans of various commodity groups.

Solution "Supply Chain Management" is implemented on the basis of the following systems:

MDNAVMicrosoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) - integrated complex enterprise management system. It combines the capabilities of financial management, analysis of business, production management, distribution, e-commerce and customer relationship management. Easy to use, this ERP-solution helps to increase the efficiency of your company's level of service and satisfaction of your customers.