Software licensing

Purchase of licensed software does not require any great effort or expense. Despite this part, business owners still prefer unlicensed software. Basically, it allows them to save some money, by not spending it on obtaining legal copies of operating systems and business applications. But this way is dangerous and threatens two key problems.

Software Licensing - how to make cheaper?

To buy a licensed Windows or any other software, you can simply go to the appropriate site which sells legal applications. But in most cases, director looks at prices and get puzzled because no one would give him a volume discount, for example, twenty or fifty copies of the same operating system.

Because most of the companies are oriented on retail sales for home computers and do not offer corporate system of distribution. These retailers generally offer OEM-versions, intended for OEMs and supplied with new computers (for example, when buying a laptop), or box versions, i.e. software that is not tied to a hardware resources.

Our company offers a third option of licensing, namely - corporate. It is suitable for most legal entities, as it involves flexible options for getting licensed software depending on the situation.

Software licensing proposed by Microsoft, for example, can come up to a small company that wants to use the operating system right now, but cannot pay the full cost of operating systems or applications. For this purpose, suitable type of license is Microsoft Open Value or Microsoft Open Value Subscription. All products sold on this type of licenses available by subscription or in installments.

Another option of software licensing is getting it to lease. This service is very useful for small businesses, because it involves low initial investments. Among other advantages, there is a need to indicate the possibility of organizing remote locations and payment only for the actual time of use. The system is located on our corporate server, but the server may be located within the client side.

Other licensing options are ideal for those companies that are willing to purchase a copy of operating systems at once. It is important to note that these licensing options are most beneficial because they provide licensed software at affordable prices and with maximum discounts.