Mobile application development

In recent years, mobile trend was fast developing due to the cheaper cost of smartphones and mobile phones with good performance. Currently, more and more people are using devices based on operating systems iOS, Android and Windows Phone, not only for calls and entertainment, but also for business.

Mobile application development for above-stated platforms - one of the most important activities of our company. We understand that in our days direction of mobile devices has become dominant, so we ready to offer our services in porting and developing of specific software packages for different operating systems.

Development of mobile applications for phones and tablets

Mobile software systems for production purpose can be an integral part of any major corporate system. This is due to several factors and one of them - impossibility to enter data with personal computer.

Business applications for mobile devices are becoming the best option for this case, because they do not require binding to a place. Specialist can take a mobile phone or tablet with himself and quickly enter the incoming data, which will be automatically added into the database. In this case, it is important not only develop a such software system, but also correctly integrate it into the general information space, than we already have successfully engaged.

SynConsult Master is a professional developer of mobile applications

It is important to remember that the mobility - is needs of a production specialists and also managers. So we can offer mobile integration and implementation of mobile workplaces for top management of any company. Getting a business statistics in on-line mode can be a crucial advantage for those who are working in 24/7 mode.

Mobile platform: what to choose?

Our company offers a range of solutions for the three most common variants of mobile platforms - iOS (apps for iPhone and iPad), Android-based phones and tablets, and phones based on Windows Phone. Professionally owning by development tools of all of the above operating systems, we give guarantee about quality and reliability of created software systems and solutions.

No matter whether you want to transfer an existing software package or create a new mobile information system, requirements and wishes of customers - a priority for our company!