SynConsult Master, one of leaders on the IT market of Kazakhstan, is dedicated to render professional consulting services in the implementation of Business Management Systems.

We offer both a wide range of software on their basis and high quality installation and maintenance of implemented solutions meeting deadlines.

The main target of the Company is to provide its customers with high-grade solutions for creation of reliable, flexible and transparent business management systems employing cutting edge information technologies.

The top management of the Company pursues a policy to continuously improve professional skills of the team of experts, which directly facilitates the upgrade of services rendered.

In the work employees of the Company are guided by following ideas of services:

• BP3 – Best People, Best Practice, Best Product – that means, the best people, the best practices and the best products
• Efficiency – means that all our activities must be effective, so that our clients are also able to increase their own efficiency.
• Correctness – means that all our activities must be justified, necessary to ensure that our clients have seen results and return on investment.

The Company name comes from the word Synergy. A word synergy or synergism (from the Greek language Synergos - acting together) - meaning the combined influence of two or more factors, characterized by the fact that their incorporated action essentially surpasses effect of each separately taken component and their sum.

The Company’s slogan: A World Tailor Made for You
• A World - world - all surrounding us and our clients
• Tailor Made - performed under the order, as opposed to the concept of Ready Made ready for use
• You – in wide understanding it is any party from which the Company operates.