JSC "Leasing Group" operates in Kazakhstan since September 2005. The main activity of the company is to invest using the tools of financial leasing and factoring.


Max Petroleum Plc, an independent Oil and Gas exploration and production company with an initial focus on the Republic of Kazakhstan.


LC Waikiki brand appeared in France in 1985. Originally created as a brand of children's and teen clothing, but later, after the 1997 production is fully bought Turkish company Tema Grubu, there were lines of clothing for adults.

At the moment, LC Waikiki-a very popular brand in Turkey and abroad, because of the clothing brand meets all European standards of quality, while the prices they "do not bite."


The basis of the company Krka, the manufacture and sale of prescription and non-prescription drugs, cosmetics and veterinary products. The company's efforts are mainly focused on the development of high quality generic drugs that are sold under our own brand names.


Bejo is one of the leading seed companies specializing in the breeding, production, processing and sales of vegetable seeds of the highest quality.


"ALTEL" - the first national mobile operator in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


"Chagala Group" is a specialist in the provision of hotel services, mainly oil and gas companies are guided by their providers operating in the Caspian sector of Kazakhstan, is firmly established now as one of the greatest places in the world for oil exploration and production. In particular, the "Chagala" provides living quarters and offices, a food service attendant, services, recreation, transportation, warehousing and logistics of all the major companies involved in oil and gas in the Caspian regions of the country.


Maersk Oil is an international oil and gas company with operated production of about 600,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day from Denmark, the UK, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Brazil and Algeria.


The company «KAZPROMAVTOMATIKA» only in Kazakhstan distributor of Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation, which is an international giant in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment. Company obtained a state license for the design, installation and repair of mining, metallurgical, energy, explosion-proof electrical equipment, lifting equipment.


Established in 1993, the first private telecommunications company in Kazakhstan c trademark Ducat.